A Word to the Customer


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Privacy Policy

Collection and use of personal information is highly important to any individual and we rigorously protect it and. The customer obtains full informational kit on our confidentiality policies when we open an Client and our liabilities are prefixed in the agreement with customer.

Our confidentiality policies cover this thoroughly, including but not limited to:

Personal information collection and archiving.
Use of information.
Disclosure of information to third parties.
Due diligence checks and verification process.
Keeping the information secure.
Accessing, updating and correcting of information
Accepting of privacy breach complaints
Other relevant procedures.

If You think that any breach of privacy terms occured, please contact our Complaints Department immediately.


We are Money Service Operator fully licensed in HongKong.

Name of company in HongKong: Sterling Payment Services Limited.

The Company has director and numerous staff with thorough financial experience.

The shareholder is a natural person from Europe with vast expertise in finance and law with proven record.

Our Company may provide an insurance coverage from respectable European insurer as to potential breaches by our employees.

Correspondent Banks

We maintain rather large correspondent interfinance network which allows our customers to safely and rapidly receive and make payments. Our correspondent Clients include USD, Euro, GBP, RUR and Yuan currencies.

Our current Clients services allow customers to settle transactions in above-stated currencies in a convenient way. Our payments easily reach any system or beneficiary system in all major currencies within day or two.


Download the Sterling app and simplify your working. Discover quick, simple and convenient way to take command of your online Client, on your mobile phone.


About Sterling Payment Services

Sterling Payment Services was established and licensed as in HongKong in 2017 and successfully operates since then. The personnel counts more than 30 employees most of whom work from the start of the franchise. Our Company provides quickest services amongst all international financial companies with modern and secure internet online system.


We call ourselves a People’s Company due to the fact how we treat our customers. We pride ourselves in our customer service and satisfaction level, and we’re always looking to put them at the heart of what we do.


Our Introducers network covers reaches than 50 countries with unparalleled coverage which allows virtually any cosstomer from any country apply to us through the said introducing law firms which shall take cares of all paperwork. Our history is a story of success since 2017 when we emerged as most understanding system one can encounter.